Thursday, January 7, 2010


Souped-Up Shoes!
High price tag.But worth the fashionable touch.
Always Blue Shoes!
Can't go wrong with a beautiful blue flat with sliver studs.
Wellesley Flat!
Very Retro.

Sweet Pota-Toe Heel!
Very classic,smooth,and adorable.
Peanut Butter&Jelly Bootie!
These are just so simple.But the black bottons gives the shoe the right touch.Classic,retro,vintage.
Crossroads Heels!
The colors,the strapes.Perfect touches.
Bizarre Love Triangle Heel!
love,love,love the color.vintage vibe.

Gold Medal Booties!
Lovely brown boots/booties.Hint of gold studs.Interesting&Weird.But fashionable.
The Cindy Booties!
Speechless.The most interesting boot/bootie.Lovely detail.Lovely structure.Gorgeous shoe.I think.
Backstage Boots!
Knee high gray boots.Very smooth.Simple.And always a lovely touch,gold studs to spice it up.
Lillehammer Booties!
Fire red.This shoe is just fucking sexy.

I'm pretty sure I need this owl clock necklace.It's sooo beautiful.

If you enjoyed what you saw.Vist their website.This wasn't have of everything they had.
A lot more fashion,vintage,classic,have to have's!

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