Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion isn't always pretty!

Lately I've been in this weird spot where I over layer.& when I mean I over layer,
I over layer. Over throwing the idea of the outfit I had in the first place. I like
to call it,Sloppy Joe. Where you have layers of unknown fabric falling
beneath other existing fabrics. For some odd reason, my mind register this look as
a complete fashionable look. But in reality, It's just shirts after shirts after what?
fabric. Well I was ashamed to share. I am, but why not. I haven't really gotten dressed.
I just grab what was ideal in my eyes to keep me warm and comfortable. And this kids,
is what you get. Sloppy Joe.

WEDNESDAY:demin.scarf.cowboy boots.and white layers.
Everything expect the leggings and the two shirts aren't thrift finds.

THURSDAY:leatherjacket.oversized shirts of gray&white.
Everything expect the two shirts and leggings aren't thrift finds.

The fact of it is, I need to be more comfortable with showing my face.
Embracing what I adore to wear without feeling ashamed. I just dislike being judged.
But hey, if people dislike, they dislike. I just hope my love of this blog grows.
Along with my fashion as well.


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