Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hey girl,where did you get your leggins' from?!?


DENIM JACKET:Thriftstore//$2.00
WHITE SHIRT:F21//$7.50
WHITE ALDO FLATS:Thriftstore//1.00

I haven't gone thrifting in 3 days. That's like a year in my eyes.
I've been thinking non-stop of all the good things I'm probably missing. But then
I began to think,I've got a really bad addiction to thrifting. Spending money I
don't have. But, tomorrow or today since it's almost 4 30 am. I could make a PIT
stop to go thrifting. I mean, I do have a reason to go. I'm sure in mid June
I'll need a intervention. But right now, I like my addiction. And the only thing
it's hurting, my wallet.
Oh, and I can't stop thinking about those gorgeous wedges at H&M! I want them. The
outfit I wore yesturday would of completed the look perfectly. Stupid 50 bucks
I didn't have. Offt!


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