Monday, March 22, 2010

Bright Pink Skirt!

Last Thursday reached a beautiful high of 66 degrees.
In matter of seconds, I would predict a high of 70 degrees.
I couldn't bare not to wear something spring like.
So I chose a lace see through top.
A bright pink cotton skirt. And to top it off. My new addiction, polka dot tights.
I wanted to be comfortable while riding my bike. I mean I'm already breaking rules
by wearing a short skirt?!?!?.
So I decided on the most boring shoe, white flats.
The day was outstanding. My friend Trish tag along. Being on a bike reminded me
how much I miss being a kid. I wonder what the rush was to be all grown up. Too much
responsibilities. Yuck.
Trish and I.
Feeling like Urban Outfitter models.
Adding the simple touch of our bikes in the background. Legit.
A jumping picture always
brings laughter and good times.
PINK SKIRT:Forever 21//$9.80

I got my first tattoo last Saturday.
The pain was worth it. And the support of my boy and my good friend, Jerilyn
made it all worth wild.


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