Wednesday, July 7, 2010



I've had this lace shirt for almost 6 months. And today was
the special day to sport it at work. Considering it's 94 degrees out.
Made myself knee high tights (since paying 5.00 bucks for them seems overpriced).
Sometimes I think retarded. But in all, I felt nice, I felt fashionable, I felt hot
(not literally). If I ramble more, it won't go anywhere.

LACE TOP:Forever 21//$17.80
KNEE HIGH TIGHTS:Thrift//$3.00

I haven't done this in awhile. I should be doing this more often since I'm working
more and I have money to spend. I rather starve and spend money on clothes. It's love.

SHIRT ONE:Forever 21//$3.99
SHIRT TWO:H&M//$5.00
SHIRT THREE:Thrift//$.80
RING ONE:Forever 21//$3.80
RING TWO:Forever 21//$4.80
RING THREE:Forever 21//$3.80


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