Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Back!.

Okay, Okay, settle down.
I know! I've been away way to long. I'm actually in imaginary tears.
The thoughts of me letting this blog go untouched for this long is a shame.
I should be slapped on the hands and put into a corner with a stack of books
on the top of my head. But, I can't. But all I can do is apologize. I'M SORRY
And I promise not to leave, ever. (I will take breaks).
Anywho, I've been thrifting non-stop. The cold weather has been forgiven.
Except for the blistering winter storms and inches of unwanted snow (YUCK)!.
I do have a few things I've purchased and fell deeply in love.
(This is just part one) So expect more. Yes, very exciting.

Pink Oversized Sweater//$2.00
Floral Belt//$1.99

Gray.Black. Oversized Sweater//$5.00>
Brown Belt//$1.00

Black.Gray. Oversized Sweater//$1.00
Chanel Purse//$14.00

Hope you guys enjoyed!
With love, Elaine Von.

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