Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coffee Date!


Friday was a beautiful day all around.
I got the good news that my blog feature is now up on:Freestyle In Detroit. (Go, check it out).
I'm still in a bit of shock by the whole thing. I'm giggly and in awww.
(Thank you so much Alvita).
Then, I hooked up with two of my good friends and ventured to our favorite Diner
for coffee and girl gossip! It was such a divine time. A lot of laughter, inside jokes,and good french toast.
But in all, I was really into my outfit. I broke out the over sized faux fur.
And sported my new beloved shorts, flats, and clutch. I would of posted my new finds,
but my computer is sick and I have to get it fix. I'll try my best to keep updating.
Nothing is going to stop me.

FAUX FUR COAT:Thrift//$6.00
LEOPARD SWEATER:Forever 21//$12.80
GOLD BELT:Thrift//$3.00
TIGHTS:Forever 21//$3.80
SPARKLE FLATS:Thrift//$3.00

I just want to Thank everyone for all the kind lovely comments.
I hope you guys enjoyed!
With love, Elaine Von.


  1. Ashlee...I love this whole's so Elaine Von Vintage! The handbag is especially interesting, so mod chic.

  2. I will give you this stylish blog award. :)

    So u must share 7 random things about yourself, and past this award to bloggers you like.

  3. Beautiful style!!!

  4. Such a great outfit. Love your style.

  5. @ Alvita: Awww! Thank you soo much!

    @Salha: Awww, sweetie! Thank you much. That means a lot to me : ).

    @Guilia: Thank you so much, darling <3.

    @Vonilicious: Thank you soo much, lovely <3.