Monday, June 13, 2011

100TH POST!!


Let's put our hands together for this is my '100TH POST'. I felt the
need to make a small deal out of it. It's very exciting.
In other news, work (like always) has taken over my entire life. I have no time for
myself. And when I do have time, I like to spend it cuddle up in my bed watching
my lovely eye lids. Even the lovely weather hasn't given me the energy to do anything.
But I'm starting to slowly snap out of my little 'weird' emo phase and come back
to bloggin' full time. I just can't leave my lovely bloggers hangin'. I hope you all
can forgive me. (sad face)
Onto the outfit. Okay, the weather was gloomy. And it was the perfect change to break
out my beloved leather leggins. (Miley Cyrus brand) And to top it off, the day before
I found this amazing shirt! In love. Simple to match it with all black and accessorized
with watches (that clearly don't work) And kids, magic did happen!


Thank you all for being so lovely.
With love, Elaine Von.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful blouse!!! Congrats on the 100th post mama!