Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I woke up late!

black.hint of gold.brown.
When I read the clock.And the bold bright red numbers;11:00am
stared back at me,I jumped in disbelief that I woke up late.But with the art of knowing
what you're going to wear the night before help me out.
When I approached my destination and made it on time,I was extremely pleased.
And more pleased with the shower of compliments of my style,my look,and how I
presented my self.My ego was over the top.
Well,I decided to treat myself to some sale racks at H&M.I was in shock when I came
across a gorgeous brown fur coat.But the most amazing part,when the young lady rang
up the coat and it came up to the beautiful low price.I was in awwwwww.
I've just been having the most extreme luck with finding good stuff.

BLACK LACE ONE PIECE:Thriftstore//$1.00
BLACK STRETCHY SKIRT:Thriststore//$1.99


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