Saturday, January 30, 2010


blue.different hair style.

HAIR CUT//$Priceless

I guess I've become the thrift-A-colic in my town.
Yesturday I took a tiny group of individuals to my favorite spot.I helped them out how to
thrift,and find good deals.And with helping them out,
I got a bit of luck and found this
lovely beautiful blue blazer.I adored it.And adored it even more when it fit.(and on sale)
Even with the outrages shoulder pads.I think they belong in the blazer.Usually I rip
them out.But with this item,I think it's better off staying put.
Well since feeling freedom.Simple fact,it was Friday and it was payday.I thought to
myself,since I've been upgrading my wardrobe.I knew my hair needed a bit of mini
extreme make over.So I had my lovely friend,Emily cut bangs for me.At first
I thought it would look weird.To my surprise,it turned out lovely.I'm still getting
use to it.Also,my hair is still in a bit of shock?I suppose.


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