Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Hey, hey loves.
I just wanted to apologizes for not updating regularly. I've been uninspired lately.
I know, it's horrible. But I've recently pick up my beloved magazines: Elle&VOGUE.
And now, I'm inspired more than ever. Even though my limit to spending is limited
due to the fact I've come to my senses to move out into the scary world with my love.
But recently, I did a thrift drive by and found this Maxi animal print dress.
At first I wasn't too crazy about it. But the more I kept checking myself out in
the mirror (Yes, I sound conceited), I loved it. I decided to sport this baby at work,
which was a complete waste. I felt I could of did a lot more with it, but I did
add a belt and my leather jacket and fur coat to add some 'BOOOM BAM WAM WOW' to it.
When Spring arrives (If it does) I'll probably have more accessories and different
ways of sporting this beloved jewel.
But like I always say: 'Come loves, enjoy".

MAXI DRESS:Thrift//$5.00
FAUX FUR COAT:Thrift//$6.00

Thank you loves for all the wonderful comments!
I hope you guys enjoyed!
With love, Elaine Von.

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  1. I love the dress and that faux fur coat is awesome too. great founds !