Thursday, March 31, 2011



I just want to give a wonderful welcome to my partner & lovely friend:
She is pure 'fashion' love. I wanted to feature her on my blog for the simple reasons
of her ability to throw things together & make it amazing. It's just pure love.
(She will be featured more often. So no worries)
I'm sure everyone will be addicted to her & I'm the start of this fab.
She's a local designer. & Together we are building a website. This Sunday we are
shooting for our blog & that will be up & running in a couple weeks. So look out for
that. I'm just in utter excitement. I'm just happy that I've finally found someone
that shares the same interest in thrifting & being funky & crazy with fashion as I am.
Oh & to end the rambling, I officially have a girly mohawk (pictures in next post).
No more lovely flowing hair. I'm slowly getting use to it. But we'll see.

I hope you loves enjoyed.
Thank you all for the amazing comments & for reading me.
With love, Elaine Von.

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