Saturday, March 5, 2011



Hello dolls.
I've decided to stick with what I promised and wanted to show you all some of my
recent and old work. I've been into photography since the 10th grade. For some odd
reason, I don't really consider myself as a 'photographer'. I mean I am. But I don't
really show boat it. But I feel since I love doing it, I should 'consider' myself as one.
I know that probably was confusing and just retarted. I have so much on my mind,
I don't really know what I'm talking about. Anyways, I just wanted to show another
side of me. Lately I've been feeling blue and my fashion sense has falling to the
simple leggings and oversized shirts. I'm going thrifting tomorrow and looking
through Vogue. So I'm hoping my blues days are over and I can get back to really
showing some good outfits!
I apologzie for the extreme long novel of uncertainty.
Enjoy the photos!

MODELS:Jackleen Eve. Trish. Jerilyn Jordan. Mimi.

I hope all is well.
With love, Elaine Von.

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  1. Girl, you're amazing at what you do. I can't even say "for someone who doesn't have a degree, you're pretty good," because that wouldn't do you justice. You can't even tell you don't have a degree. You're a natural, and I want to use your skilllls sometime!